Laguna Wetlands Preserve Restoration and Management Plan

PCI prepared the Laguna Wetlands Preserve Restoration and Management Plan for the City of Sebastopol. This Preserve lies at the edge of Sebastopol, where it is heavily used and highly valued by the public. It also encompasses highly valuable ecological and scenic resources and is protected by conservation easements. Management challenges on the Preserve include illegal camping and littering, invasive species, and the need for effective coordination of volunteer energy with limited City resources. PCI facilitated an extensive public input process and worked with the City to craft a plan that protects natural resources and describes restoration needs, while also identifying opportunities to improve public access and engagement on the Preserve. Improved access opportunities identified included new connector trails, additional benches and interpretive signage, improved wayfinding signage, and programs to engage citizens in stewardship and science on the Preserve. PCI also prepared a planning-level cost estimate for carrying out the plan, and identified potential funding sources. The Laguna Foundation, as a subcontractor to PCI, provided input and assistance with the project.