Science Services

As human changes to, and resource demands on, our natural environment intensify, so does our need for coordinated, science-based ecological conservation and restoration. What is the current health of our streams, wetlands, forests and grasslands?  How can we improve their health and functioning in the face of ongoing changes? What physical, biological, and social opportunities and constraints are present? These questions guide the work of PCI’s multi-disciplinary science team.

Our science services include:

Natural resource assessment

  • geomorphology and erosion
  • vegetation, forestry, wildlife and fisheries, including special-status species
  • hydrology, water quality and supply, and water conservation
  • ecological processes and system dynamics
  • wetland delineation, habitat mapping, and GIS-based spatial analyses

Ecological restoration program design, implementation, and monitoring

Watershed- and preserve-level management plan development

Impact avoidance and mitigation planning

  • dewatering and species protection plans
  • pre-construction crew training
  • species relocation
  • biological construction monitoring

Community outreach and facilitation

Grant proposal writing and funding assistance