Kelly Creek Park Design

PCI has prepared a conceptual design for proposed parkland along Kelly Creek in Petaluma. This 44-acre property will expand on the popular Helen Putnam Regional Park in Petaluma. The land had been proposed for housing by property owner Davidon Homes. However, thanks to community efforts led by the nonprofit Kelly Creek Protection Project, the site, which is rich in natural resources and beauty, is now planned to be added to the park instead. Davidon Homes will retain 14 adjacent acres, where it plans to build 28 homes. PCI’s Maggie Jensen has been the lead designer on the proposed park expansion project, providing a vision for a park that both protects and provides access to an important riparian corridor, protects red-legged frog habitat and maintains livestock grazing, and highlights the land’s agricultural history. The design includes a proposed new multi-use path running along the creek and connecting with the existing park’s six miles of trails. Other proposed park enhancements include rehabilitating the three red barns into an interpretive center, an amphitheater, livestock demonstration areas and a children’s playground.